Who feels like cooking?… Not me.

I cook for myself even more than I cook for my clients.   The reasons are obvious; its cheaper (except for fast food), healthier (much healthier), and if I may be so bold, it tastes better.  But there are days when even I don’t want to cook, like today.  After a 50 mile ride with my friend Tyler (OK maybe it was only 10 but it was a hard 10) I don’t even want to stand up.

 If I do eat out, I try to eat healthy, and eat things I can’t really make for myself..which brings me to tonights dinner: Vietnamese Combo Noodle Bowl. 

 I can cook Vietnamese, and when I was at the Blue Star I could source things like fresh Galangal, Kaffir, and shrimp paste, but these ingredients are pretty hard to find even in 2010.  I didn’t want to cook, or stand, or go to the Asian market so I hit up my friends at Saigon Springs.  I would throw them a link but not surprisingly they don’t have a website.  While looking for their site, I did find a review that made me laugh.  Among many positives, I found 1 very negative review; complaints: speed of service (yeah mamasan… move faster), and  it smelled funny (seriously???).  For you I recommend PF Chang.   Please never web search how to make fish sauce, really… never, especially if you like Vietnamese or Thai food.

So you know… that I don’t follow recipes… and I know…that most of you do… and you know that I know that you know…anyway, I went online and looked for a decent recipe similar to how I would make it, if my legs didn’t hurt so bad.  While searching, I ran across this beauty…http://www.fatsecret.com/recipes/vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles/Default.aspx.  DO NOT MAKE THIS RECIPE!!!  Not trying to start a web fight with another foodie, but check it out,  1 serving… FOUR TABLESPOONS OF FISH SAUCE.  It even has the nutritional info… 5772mg of sodium… A 3 day supply.  And trust me it would make the Dead Sea blush.  I have a 500ml bottle of fish sauce that is 3 years old, still  half full and I do cook Vietnamese and Thai sometimes….

So if there is a moral to this story I guess it would be: find a good local Vietnamese Restaurant that doesn’t have a website and smells funny.  Don’t go there too often.  If you are looking online for a recipe: look at several and still use common sense.  Lastly, If you never feel like cooking… do yourself, and your family, a favor and look into personal chefs…like me.

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  1. Becca says:

    I live near several LARGE and authentic Asian grocery markets. Just let me know what you need and I will go look for you. I have several friends from Asia who say they can get the same ingredients at these markets as they could back home.

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