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SO… I guess I owe a few of you an apology.  My post last night has generated more hits than anything I have written yet… good news… sort of.  A couple of readers have  let me know that the title was a bit… err… deceiving.  They told me  that my solution of “make time to cook” wasn’t particularly helpful… and the 5 minutes they wasted looking for a time saving tip that never came, was 5 minutes of their lives that they would never get back…    In some ways… it does just reinforce my point about the paradox of “saving” time, but I realize that is of little comfort to those of you struggling with dinner tonight.

Mea culpa/ My bad

So this week I will post a healthy and hopefully time saving idea every night.  Starting with tonight

Bulgur wheat:  Mother Nature’s minute rice

Here are the “cut and pasted” directions from “their” website  “Use equal amounts of water or liquid and rice, bring liquid to a boil, add rice and let sit covered for 5 minutes or until liquid is absorbed. In just 5 minutes, you’ll have fluffy, delicious rice that is easy to prepare and healthy too.” 

So my first question is: what, exactly, do they mean by “or liquid”????” … any liquid??? motor oil, embalming fluid, mercury????  The offensive possibilities are endless…   My second is “and healthy”???   While minute rice isn’t in any way bad for you, and really doesn’t contain any weird ingredients; it’s a bit like eating sawdust, but with less fiber… and flavor.  How to cook Bulgur wheat??? Use the exact same recipe as minute rice, except, substitute broth for “or liquid” DO NOT USE MERCURY.  Nutritionally: more vitamins and FIVE GRAMS of fiber vs. one in minute rice.

My least favorite argument: “my kids won’t eat it”.  They will eat “mcgarbage” and they would probably try mercury, so break out the “when you grow up” defense and be the grownup.

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