In defense of stinky cheese.

I try to limit my consumption of animal fat… but I need cheese.   Most cheeses have between 90 and 130 calories per ounce, and almost all of that is fat.  With that said, I challenge any of you to eat two ounces of Cabrales Spanish blue.  In general ,the more expensive and stinkier the cheese the more flavor you’ll get and the fewer calories you will eat.  Don’t like the taste… learn to; or be a cheez whiz person for ever.

In some ways food  is like religion or politics.  Your parents teach you what is good and right.  At some point, though, you need to figure out for yourself what you believe… tastes good.  One of my best friends daughter, who is three, likes blue cheese… of course she also thinks I’m crazy because its white… not blue.

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  1. Becca says:

    Next time you are back east, you need to get out to Cato Corner Farm in Colchester, CT. So, so good. Small farm that produces amazing, award winning cheeses.

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