I just don’t have time to cook…

I like to cook.  In fact… I love to cook.  Now, if I could just figure out how to make a living cooking…

On days that I am not getting paid to cook… I still cook, and write about cooking, and think about what I’ll cook tomorrow.   It keeps the creative side of mind busy and it keeps me on my feet and doing other chores.  I do some laundry, pay some bills, often I even set my lap top up on the counter and get this stuff done… all while I cook.  The longer dinner takes to make …the more stuff I get done, because when I finally sit down to eat; I’m pretty much done for the day.  How bassackwards is that?  More cooking = more time…at least for me.

I realize that this is exactly the opposite of how many, if not most, of you feel.   I should also disclose that I don’t have kids and I do work for myself, so my challenges are not your challenges.  I know many of you can’t wait until they build the” iStove”… work, network, and cook all at the same time, or perhaps the “Lazychef”… a recliner with a built in freezer and microwave.  Add paper plates and a Wii fit and you’ll never have to leave the living room again.   But if you are reading a personal chef’s blog I am probably not describing you…exactly.  So let’s just talk about those folks down the street… the ones who work 100 hours a week between them, whose kids do everything, who go the gym four times a week, but don’t have time for less important things… like eating.

What could possibly be more important than eating… maybe sleeping, but they probably don’t do enough of that either. If you have at least two kids try this experiment at home this week…  don’t let one of your kids get on the computer or phone for the whole week… no Facebook, no texting, no www.apersonablechef.com.  Now take another kid and don’t let him or her eat… Point proved. You can do this with your partner if you don’t have children.

Life’s not easy and we make difficult choices about how to use our time every day… but feeding your kids fast food so that they have time for Tae Kwan Do is probably a net sum loss in the bigger health picture.  It’s like using the elevator at the gym.  They will eventually forget all those kicks but diabetes is forever.   Is that extra hour at work worth eating out of a box… how many hours will it cost you in the long run?  Everyone’s life is different, but here’s how it works for me:  The more I cook the better I eat, the better I eat the better I feel, the better I feel the more I do, the more I do the less I weigh.  Cook more = weigh less… take that Slimfast. 

Your other options: hire a personal chef OR move into a neighborhood with a unmarried personal chef who is addicted to cooking.  Just ask my neighbors.  Leftover night has a very different spin around here.  And that’s what I had for dinner tonight…  left overs, and all I got done was this post…  I should have been cooking.

Sorry no recipe ideas tonight… Tomorrow I’m teaching a class at the CHEFs Catalog outlet store here in the Springs.  So if you want LOTS of recipe ideas all at the same time sign up and come hang out with me. http://www.chefscatalog.com/promotion.aspx?promoid=outletstore

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